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In 1858, Brooklyn Township was formed in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Over a century later, the City of Brooklyn Center and the City of Brooklyn Park now represent most of the original township. The Brooklyn Historical Society is a 501(c,3) non-profit volunteer organization working to preserve information on the full township.

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                        Brooklyn Historical Society Receives Grant for Civil War Book Publication
The Brooklyn Historical Society Board of Directors is pleased to announce and honored to receive the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grant, awarded by the Minnesota Historical Society in support of the publishing of the three part set of books, "Patriots of Brooklyn. Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grants are made possible by the Minnesota Legislature from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund created with passage of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution in 2008. The grants are awarded to support projects of enduring value for the cause of history and historic preservation across the state.
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Published in 2001, the history of the area is revealed in this 600 page hardcover book.  A monumental work that took years of work by our dedicated BHS members.
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Since 1970, the office / archives of BHS were in Brooklyn Center and have moved to the the Community Activity Center in Brooklyn Park:

5600 85th Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, MN. 55443
In Brooklyn Center, you can visit the Earle Brown Heritage Center, operated by the City as a convention center and more.  The site is north of Brookdale Shopping Center.  The Earle Brown Farm was the home of a man was a County Sheriff and Businessman who later donated his property to the University of Minnesota.

Brooklyn Historical Society provides support for the history aspect of the farm, but the facility is either city buildings or industrial & commercial properties.
In Brooklyn Park, you can visit the Eidem Homestead, an Historical Farm that looks much like it did in the 1890-1910 era.  The site is north of Hwy. 610 on Noble Parkway.  The property features the Eidem family home, a classic barn and other farm buildings on about 10 acres, a part of the farm that was originally 120+ acres.

Brooklyn Historical Society provides support for the history aspect of the farm, but the facility is operated by the Brooklyn Park Recreation and Parks Department.
Eidem Farm Site
The Pierre Bottineau home has been restored and moved to a part of the Elm Creek Park Reserve.  On Thursday, October 21, 2010, the house became part of the park in a ceremony  the Maple Grove Council Chambers.  Click on the house to go to a page of information .
The Brooklyn Historical Society has offices and archival storage space containing artifacts, landowner maps, photographs, memorabilia and more.    You are also welcome to call or e-mail us for an arranged tour.  We are a fully volunteer organization.
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