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“Pierre Bottineau” (paper booklet) by Jane Hallberg describes the history of 
Minnesota’s famous pioneer. Pierre Bottineau was a fur trader, scout, and 
explorer with French-Canadian and Dakota and Chippewa ancestry. 
Bottineau was an early founder of St. Paul, St. Anthony [Minneapolis], Osseo 
known as Bottineau Prairie], and Red Lake Falls. Whether leading pioneers 
West, scouting for the Sibley Expedition, or discovering routes for the 
railroad to the Pacific Ocean, Bottineau was always present.

New Release.  2013 6th edition
 Pages 24 price $5


."The Brooklyns," (600 pages, hardcover, 2001) is a collective history of Brooklyn Township, Brooklyn Center, and Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The book features the lives and work of hundreds of Brooklyn families who sent their biographies and histories to the Brooklyn Historical Society to be included. This book is a “must have” for anyone living in the Brooklyn area.

"The Brooklyns," 600 page hardcover of Brooklyn Township, Brooklyn Center & Brooklyn Park (2001)

  Brooklyn Park & Brooklyn Center” (128 pages, softcover) by Pat Snodgrass and published  by Arcadia Publications in 2009 is a photographical journal with a written history of Brooklyn Township, including Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, and Osseo, from 1852 to about 1970. Read about the miraculous development of the people, occupations, town development, and transportation who settled in this northern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Softcover "Brooklyn Park & Brooklyn Center" by Pat Snodgrass, 128 pages (2009)


                                           “Patriots of Brooklyn"  


(Vol. I [A-G, 1861 battles]                       II [H-N, 1862-1863 battles],                   III [O-Z, 1864-1865 battles] 

Written by William Hoffman, Brenda Pone, Darryl Sannes, Pat Snodgrass, and Marijane Tessman is a collection of biographies and Civil and Indian War participation by over 200 Brooklyn Township, Minnesota, men and women. These three volumes were researched over a period of four years and document the bravery of the early pioneer volunteers from the Brooklyn area. First-hand accounts describe battles at Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg along with documentation of guarding the railroads, facing Indian attacks, and surviving Andersonville. No community has ever written a more complete history of their soldier’s participation.

Published 2011 

$22 each volume 

$54 Boxed set of three

   “The Buffers” (20 pages, softcover, facsimile of original) is a Civil War memoir by William Fisher of Brooklyn Township, Minnesota, who served with fellow solders George A. Plummer, Seth P. Pribble, Frank J. Stickney, 
Nathan G. Longfellow, Benjamin Brack, Lewellyn J. Gee, Joshua W. Howe, and Joseph W. Norris in the  11th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, Company F"at the end of the war. [This volume is an addendum in Vol. III of the 
“Patriots of Brooklyn.

 20 pages $5

“Album of Brooklyn Centre” (softcover, 92 pages, reproduced to celebrate Brooklyn Center’s 100th year celebration) by Leone Howe documents the history of Brooklyn Township and Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The book features the role of her family as well as other early families as pioneers, serving in the Civil War, leading local logging efforts, and developing the area as a leader in Minnesota and world agriculture.


“The History of the Earle Brown Farm”  written by Leone Howe, Mary Jane Gustafson, and Jane Hallberg, documents the history of the John Martin and Earle Brown families in Minnesota. From developing early banking and logging to breeding prize-winning horses, John Martin and Earle Brown were Minnesota leaders.

First Published 1983 155 pages 



.”“Growing Up on the Brooklyn Farm” (spiral-bound, softcover, 87 pages) by Kathryn Koch Martens is a memoir of growing up on the Brooklyn Farm, Earle Brown’s estate in Minnesota. She moved to the farm in 1930 when her father, Leo Koch, became Brown’s personal gardener. Her story features what it was like growing up on a millionaire’s farm during the Depression. She describes her 15 years on the farm, including how they celebrated holidays, their toys, food, 4-H, school life, the State Fair, and many other everyday experiences 
 Pages 74  $11 Published 2009